We recently created a homage to Dali's skull and I wanted to share the bodypaint progression of our shoot.

Which is your favorite skull?

Backdrop was painted with a spray bottle filled with paint.

I dipped rope in paint to apply color to the models

Finally I incorporated the rope to drool out of the skulls mouth as an installation & a model and I painted the backdrop.


Painting: Trina Merry

(The models assisted in basecoating themselves, the photographer helped me paint with the ropes & Brooke Sheffer assisted with painting the final backdrop.

Theres an early bird special on tickets so get em now! It's a mini Art Alive Gallery- I'm doing a mashup with Tahira the Pure Dance Theater for this!


"It was very evident that Trina was not only talented and knowledgeable about her craft, but she was also very passionate about the integrity of the art and making sure students understand that there is a history to be respected.

If you've been curious about bodypaint, there's no time like the present to try it! Just grab a paintbrush & begin! You just may fall in love with painting on a living breathing human canvas like I did!

We will go over correct bodypaint technique & by the end of the class you will have a hands-on experience making a bodypainting!

There will be a short discussion with take home hand-outs catered to each workshop's focus, a visual demo & a hands-on practical session where you will paint on your

A: A viewing begins the design process for me. I photograph the body nude in apprx 150 pre-selected poses. I do this with my point & shoot camera- nothing fancy. I then whiddle that down to my favorite 5-30 images, process them into black and white and send them to you. =)

If it is a commission, this is the second step in the process after a deposit is received and interest is expressed. After a viewing, we then discuss the images I selected & pick our favorite 1-3.

Trina Merry's artwork made the cover (front & back) of the Spring Issue of ATOM Magazine's Spring Issue! SEE THE MAGAZINE! Print is for sale- please see our gallery section for more details.

I have been asked many times to give a bodypaint workshop so here it is- bodypaint 101! This will give you a solid foundation to start bodypainting for photoshoots and events while offering intermediate bodypainters knowledge they can use for commercial clients and commissions. These skills can be used for fine art, high fashion campaigns, branding & marketing, music videos, events and private commissions.

Images from the SubZERO Festival 2011 by Inna Mathews

Trina Merry will be joining Australian band "The Red Paintings" on their FUTURELESS TOUR thru the Southwest U.S. She has confirmed performances for May 30- April 5th.

This tour comes on the heels of the band's successful Australian tour & includes a special Alice in Wonderland themed launch party at Bar Sinister in Hollywood.

Bodypainted bikinis and swimsuits have become a staple of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue over the last ten + years. In recent years, companies have catered their ads in this issue to reflect the popularity of this trend & use bodypaint in their marketing campaigns.

In November, Trina got to fly to Vegas and assist Craig Tracy on such an ad for Visit Las Vegas. They painted the Vegas strip on four Vegas showgirls in the Hugh Heftner Suite creating the "nakedest ad" yet.